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This year is the 100th year anniversary of the last wild grizzly sighting in California. Tell the California Senate to honor this milestone and make 2024 the Year of the CA Grizzly.
Grizzly bears once roamed
across nearly all of California
California was once home to more grizzlies than anywhere else in the lower 48 states. The grizzly is still considered a close relative by many California Native Tribes, and their absence leaves a critical void in California’s ecosystems.
The year of the last credible wild grizzly sighting in California
The estimated number of grizzlies in California at the time of European contact
The current estimate of grizzlies in the entire lower 48 states - their future is not secure
We are the California Grizzly Alliance dedicated to recovering grizzly bears in California
 The California Grizzly Alliance is comprised of researchers, tribal leaders, wildlife advocates, land managers, and community members.
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Our work
Feasibility Study
Building on a decade of research, we are developing a feasibility study that will describe what it would take to bring grizzly bears back to California. The study is scheduled for release in fall 2024.
Tribal Leadership
The grizzly bear is one of the most important wildlife species in many California Indigenous cultures. We are working with Tribes and Tribal leaders across the state to raise public awareness about this relationship.
Living With Grizzlies
Sharing the land with grizzly bears presents both challenges and opportunities. Recovering them in California would require collaboration, targeted investments, and engagement with local communities and land use groups. We are working to create the context for grizzlies and humans to thrive together in California.
Public Support
We are educating, mobilizing, and empowering residents from across California to learn about their iconic mascot, embrace the rewilding ethic, and become enthusiastic advocates for the grizzly's return.
Our Work
Latest News
CA Senate Officially Declares 2024 the Year of the CA Grizzly
CA Senate Passes "Year of the CA Grizzly" Resolution sponsored by the CA Grizzly Alliance and supported by California Native Tribes.
Year of the CA Grizzly Petition Launched - Sign Now!
The California legislature is considering a resolution that would declare 2024 the "Year of the California Grizzly Bear". We need your help to pass the resolution.
CA Grizzly Diet Paper Published
A new research study published by the CA Grizzly Alliance's partner project, the CA Grizzly Research Network, shows that California grizzlies were mostly vegetarian and no larger than grizzlies found elsewhere in West.