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Learn More About the Past, Present, and Future of Grizzlies in California

The Alliance’s work is grounded in more than a decade of historical and scientific research. We invite you to explore our resources to learn more about grizzlies in California and our work to understand the feasibility of their return.

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We’ve compiled an ever growing list of the most common questions about grizzlies in California.
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Go Deeper Into CA Grizzly History, Current Research, and Future Feasibility
CA Grizzly History
Prior to the Gold Rush, California was home to as many as ten thousand grizzly bears, roaming nearly all of the state. Native peoples developed rich mythologies about and complex relationships with grizzlies. The last credible sighting of a California grizzly occurred in 1924 near Sequoia National Park. Then they were gone.
CA Grizzly Research Network
In May 2016, a multidisciplinary group of scientists and other scholars based at UC Santa Barbara launched the California Grizzly Research Network, which is now a partner project of the Alliance. The CA Grizzly Research Network has developed a series of projects designed to answer key questions about the past and potential future of grizzlies in California.
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Feasibility Study
The Alliance is collaborating with the California Grizzly Research Network to conduct a Feasibility Study. This study, which is scheduled for release in fall 2024, will explain what is known about California grizzlies, outline an agenda for future research, and assess, based on the best available knowledge to-date, the prospects for recovering grizzlies in the state.
Coming fall 2024
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This year is the 100th year anniversary of the last wild grizzly sighting in California. Tell the California Legislature to make 2024 the Year of the CA Grizzly.