Our Work

Our Approach

Returning a large wildlife species like the grizzly bear to California requires science, planning, consultation, and preparation. We are developing a thoughtful and meticulous approach that we believe will enable humans and grizzlies once again to thrive together in California, as they did for thousands of years.

Core Focus Areas
Tribal Leadership
Grizzly bears hold important roles in Indigenous cultures throughout California. Many California Tribes regard the grizzly bear as a relative, teacher, and healer. We are working with Tribes around the state to help revitalize traditional knowledge about bears and foster a broader public conversation about the cultural and spiritual significance of these animals.
Sharing the land with grizzlies brings both opportunities and challenges, particularly for communities near potential recovery areas. We are working at both the state and local levels to develop plans and partnerships that will enable Californians to benefit from living with grizzlies, while reducing any possible drawbacks and lowering the risks for both humans and bears.
Feasibility Study
We have partnered with the California Grizzly Research Network, established at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2016, to produce a Preliminary Feasibility Study for returning grizzly bears to California. This study, which is scheduled for release in fall 2024, will explain both what is known about the history and ecology of California grizzlies and what more we would need to know to support a successful recovery.
Building a Movement
When we began our work, only 25 percent of Californians knew that grizzlies had been eliminated from this state. Today, we are informing Californians about the grizzly’s story, building enthusiastic advocates for the return of the grizzly, and mobilizing a coalition of partners to support what would be one of the greatest rewilding successes in American history.
Show your support
This year is the 100th year anniversary of the last wild grizzly sighting in California. Tell the California Legislature to make 2024 the Year of the CA Grizzly.